Accepted to the program you will have these advantages.
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Tech Visa

New type of Visa we have created to cover the high need of tech human value in Chile.

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1 year Residency

The visa allows you to stay in the country for one year, work and study in the country.

Go to Job in Tech Area

Job in Tech Area

The program should be managed in association with some Tech Companies established in Chile.

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Permanent Residency

Staying more than 180 days in one year, you can apply for a Permanent Residency.

President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet: "Many Tech Companies, but there are not enough tech workers. We created this new visa type to reinforce the Tech Human Value. This way we want to continue making progress, bringing more companies that consider Chile as their starting point in the continent, an alliance in which we all win".

About Chile

In our country you will have the best enviroment for your professional development
Why you have to choose Tech Visa?

Living and working in Chile will be the best experience you will have, under all international rankings, our Country has achieved the best enviroment for professionals. 

This means you are going to make more money, increase your professional skills, and live in a comunity of people who will recieve you as a friend, not as a foreinger.

  • Country #1 in Latin America, # 45 Worldwide

  • Country #1 in Latin America, # 27 Worldwide

  • Country #1 in Latin America, # 36 Worldwide

  • Country #1 in Latin America, # 38 Worldwide

Are you elegible?

These are the areas we are searching.






We are not establishing unflexible requeriemnts as University Degrees or Diplomas, because we want to consider the people who has testeable and qualified experience in these areas. Two Specialized semi public organizations will be in charge of the process and they have to estabblish case by case who is elegible.

We have a limited number of places and process capacity.

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